acqua colorata

What does “acqua colorata” mean? In Italian, it means “coloured water”, because the medium I use for these illustrations is watercolour.

The word “acquerello (=watercolour)” contains the Latin word “aqua”, which means “water”; in fact, aquarelle is a paint composed essentially of pigments and a binder. It dissolves in water and its particularity is that it is a transparent colour, which allows it to create very rich and nuanced colours.

I can work with watercolour as it is or in combination with Indian ink or coloured pencils, depending on the style I’m interested in developing.

Drawing in ink and painting in watercolour is what I like to do, to illustrate stories, to enrich ideas, to make reality poetic.
The aim of my drawing is not hyper-realistic representation but rather the interpretation of reality, mixing realistic elements with more stylised ones in what I would define as ‘magic realism’.

children's illustration

I like to illustrate stories in a style that combines realism and fantasy. I like to play with words and introduce unexpected details into my drawings to arouse attention and inspire wonder.

surface design

My illustrations can brighten up book covers, illustrate an account, decorate stationery, put a smile on greetings cards or personalise packaging.


I organise workshops for learning watercolour, observational naturalistic drawing and creative laboratories.
I can give classes in schools, media libraries, associations and shops, as well as individual lessons on request.